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The Texas Clogging Council offers an education stipend to provide financial support to active Texas Clogging Council members. The stipend is intended as a reimbursement for registration and related fees from academic or continuing education classes.

  • On an annual basis, depending on available scholarship funds, the TCC Scholarship Fund Board of Directors shall meet to determine the number and amounts of stipends to be awarded for that year. 
  • To be eligible, stipend applicant(s) must be a current member of the TCC, having held that membership for a minimum of six months prior to application submittal.
  • To be considered for a stipend, applicant(s) must submit all required application materials within the application window and at least 30 days prior to the current year’s Texas Clogging Council Spring Rally.  Required application materials include:
  • valid receipt(s) indicating amount spent for academic or continuing education is, at a minimum, the amount requested
  • completed online TCC education stipend application.
  • The stipend application window will be October 1st through 30 days prior to the current year’s Texas Clogging Council Spring Rally.
  • Applications will be reviewed and voted on by the TCC Scholarship Fund Board of Directors.
  • Each stipend will be paid in one lump sum directly to the recipient.
  • Only one stipend will be awarded per applicant.
  • Regardless of the number of stipends awarded in a year, stipend amounts shall not exceed $250 per applicant.
  • The TCC Scholarship Fund Board of Directors will participate in a blind review/voting system (applicants’ names will be removed/hidden from submitted materials prior to being shared with the Directors).
  • The TCC Scholarship Fund Board of Directors will review each applicant’s submitted materials and rank them.
  • Directors will rank applicants based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:
  • Involvement in clogging in Texas
  • Involvement in the Texas Clogging Council
  • Activity for which the stipend is sought

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