Clogger of the Year

2021 Clogger of the Year - DEBORA DUCKETT

Each year, the TCC recognizes a member who has demonstrated excellence in both service and leadership to the clogging council.  Congratulations to this year’s “Clogger of the Year” award winner - Debora Duckett!

Debora has been clogging for over 3 decades and has been involved with the TCC for almost as long!  Once a shy clogging student who stood in the back of the room and wouldn’t perform in clogging competitions, she is now a staple at TCC events.  She became a certified clogging instructor with C.L.O.G. in 2002 and has been an instructor at TCC rallies, Double Toe Jam, and other clogging workshops both in Texas and across the country.  Debora’s involvement with the TCC doesn’t stop with teaching.  She has been actively attending TCC board meetings since the early 1990s and has served as Instructor Chair, Rally Chair twice, and Southwest VP.  She has also been an active member of numerous other committees.  Additionally, Debora is the founder and director of Contemporary Cloggers in Austin.  She is admired for her energy, her creativity, and her genuine love of clogging, which she is always eager to share with those around her. 

Elected as President of the TCC in 2019, Debora has worked tirelessly this past year; leading the TCC Council through obstacles, while still being a driving force to accomplish new goals.  She has worked to make sure that Council tasks are completed, clogging information is disseminated, and that the Council is trying to identify ways in which it can better serve all TCC members.  Debora truly has a strong sense of conviction for the TCC and wants to improve and promote the purpose of the Council.  She has contributed a lot of time and energy to the betterment of clogging in Texas and is most deserving of this award.  Congratulations and thank you to this year’s “Clogger of the Year”, Debora Duckett. 

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