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2020 Clogger of the Year - KATHY RICKETT

This year’s Clogger of the Year, Kathy, has been clogging for so long, nobody could actually agree on when the candidate started, in the end we will say it is well over 16 years.

She has taken on a number of roles on the council over the years, stepping up to fill any vacancies to ensure an amazing Rally for everyone. These rolls include T-Shirt Vice Chair, Saturday Night Exhibition Vice Chair, as well as Membership Director on the board.

Last year, before the TCC Rally she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, but she continued to dance. Throughout every session of radiation treatment, she continued to dance. Though having to endure numerous doctor’s visits, medications, and the effects that come with such a diagnosis, she continued to dance, even finding time to sew a quilt to raise money for the scholarship funds.

In one of the nomination forms, Kathy’s theme song was said to be “I’m Better When I’m Dancing”, because she can leave all this worry behind to show up and choreograph, teach, learn, and perform.

It is with great pleasure that we recognize our 2020 Clogger of the Year to a woman who is truly better when she is dancing, Kathy Rickett.

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