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Gloria Driver Emmert

She learned to clog from “Big John Walters” a square dance caller from Alabama.  In those days area clogging and square dancing were all in one.  Gloria and her husband at the time, Wade Driver also a square dance caller, moved to Houston, TX in 1975 and started Rhythm Cloggers, which is still going strong under the direction of David and Glenda Latchaw.  Gloria is credited as the first to bring clogging to the Great State of Texas and as we all know “the rest is history".

Allen Zion

Founder and Director of Top of Texas in Amarillo, First to host a TCC workshop in Beaumont, TX.  First to host a Clogging competition/workshop in Texas – Armadillo Stampede in Dallas/Grapevine.  He was very vocal to the creation of the TCC and served as the first president for the TCC ’81-’84.

Nancy Biehler

Founder/director of Texas Tradition.  Served early on for the TCC in several facets and holds several “first”;  The first Texas Clogger Editor ’84-’86, First Education Director ’87-’88, ’95-’98.  First Historian ’90-’95, ’97.  She hosted a TCC in Rally as Chair 2000, Co-chair in ’88 also hosted Great Texas Hoedown ’95, co-host ’96.  She was presented with the FIRST COTY 1989.  Nancy was also very vocal on who, what, when and how the TCC should be established.  She help write the original By-Laws for the TCC.

Ron Hodge

One of the co-founders of Yellow Rose Cloggers est ‘86.  Served early-on for the TCC and he was quite “vocal” on how things needed to be for the TCC.  You can ask a few from those times how vocal he was.  Ron was not just about the TCC, he did things for the betterment of the dancer & the director.  Ron understood what the TCC should represent…the dancer.  Ron served the TCC in many facets; President ’87-’90, Insurance Director ’91-’08.  COTY 1998.  Served on the Rally Committee as the Facility Vice chair ’90-2012.  Served on many committees.  Ron was always a voice of the dancer.

Dee Dick

Founder/director of the Shufflin’ Shoes clogging team est. 1990. Texas Instructor of Texas Clogging since then.  COTY 2012.  Served the TCC in many facets; Secretary ’01-’04, Step in Time Editor ‘07-’18, co-founder of the TDLP.  Served at a Rally Chair in 2004.  Has also served on several other committees for the TCC as needed. She helped promote clogging throughout all aspects of her life and work.

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