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Bobbi Boyce

In the 1990's, Bobbi discovered clogging and became an avid fan, dancing with, directing and co-directing several clogging teams in Texas, including Clickety Cloggers in Austin. She was a Texas clogging instructor from the early 90's til 2012. She served as the president of the Texas Clogging Council from 1999-2002 and hosted the 19th annual TCC Texas Cloggers' Rally - "A Rhythm Runs Through IT" in 1998. Texas Clogger Editor from 2003-04. Rally Advisory Committee Chair from 2003-2010. Received Clogger of the Year in 2003.  She also sat on many TCC committees for the betterment of the council. Her biggest contribution was her avid and persistent drive to help the TCC become a 501.3c organization. She also help establish TCC Scholarship Fund Committee/Council. Bobbi will be remembered best for her generous nature, sharp wit and quick smile at any clogging function. We sadly miss Bobbi, she lost her battle to cancer in July 2012. In 2013, one of the two TCC scholarships was renamed the Bobbi Boyce Memorial Scholarship for her valiant efforts and accomplishments within the TCC.

Ethel Wilmesmeier

In the 1980's, Ethel, along with her husband and her biggest fan, Larry, began clogging with the Rhythm Cloggers under the direction of Gloria Driver Emmert. In later years she danced choreographed routines with the Lollie Cloggers. It wasn't long for Ethel to realize she had more to give than just being a dancer. She soon began to teach, choreograph routines for the club, became an instructor and direct.  She was a Texas Clogging instructor for many years and taught at many Texas workshops, TCC Rallys and other workshops outside of the state. Ethel served the TCC through many disciplines and facets. She started and served as Treasurer from 1991-94. Step-in-time Editor 1996-2006. Received Clogger of the Year in 2000.  Helped research and create the TCC website then became the first Website Director from 1997-2002. Hosted the 20th Annual TCC Cloggers' Rally - "Let's Dance" in 1999. Ethel gave her heart and sole to the TCC and Texas Clogging as it shows through her created logo/slogan at the top of our Website pages - "The Heart & Sole of Clogging in Texas".

The Texas Clogging Council is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization - Established 1982

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