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Bobby Whitefield

Bobby's heart has belong to traditional clogging from a young age when he learned flat footing from his father and mother when they took him to exhibitions. He joined the Clickety Cloggers in 1980, took over as director around 1983/84-1991, started another team in 1991 – Possum Haw Cloggers, then joined Nancy Biehler's traditional competition team Heritage Cloggers where they won many awards.  He has been a Texas & National Instructor since 1984/85 – teaching and dancing what he loved, Traditional clogging.  We can remember in the early 90s he would fill the Chisholm Hall at the WCC with big circles, large square figures to clogging steps.  Unfortunately for him and for us he had to retire in 1996 due to arthritis in his knees becoming so unbearable to dance.  But before left the clogging world he had several "first" with the TCC and other accomplishments and services.  He hosted a Texas Cloggers' Rally in 1988 along with the Clickety, Lone Star and Heritage Cloggers, was awarded the COTY in 1992, hosted the FIRST and second GREAT Texas Hoedown, Created and developed the FIRST TCC's Directors' Handbook, held office as the Southwest VP from 1991-96, and was appointed the TCC Educational Director from 1989-1994.

Charlene Burton

In the early 80’s her husband, Brad, started clogging with the KlogHoppers and soon drug her to a clogging class. She got the clogging bug right away.  It didn't take long for her to jump right in and start her own team in 1986.  She is the co-founder of the Yellow Rose Cloggers along with Brad & Ron and Rita Hodge. After that, a workshop, along with Yellow Rose she helped host THE WORKSHOP aka. Double-Toe Jam in 1987. After that, she took the team on the road to many competitions making them one of the best in Texas.  Then she helped the TCC in many facets; hosted two Texas Cloggers' Rallies, 1990 & 1996, was awarded the COTY in 1996, created and started the Step-In-Time from 1991-1995, held office as the Southeast VP from 1991-1994, Secretary from 1995-1996 and was on many committees and sub-committees.  She also was a Texas Instructor, NCHC certified Judge and rules official.  Her biggest pride and joy was to choreograph show routines for the team and showcase at the San Antonio Cloggers' Showcase. In 2000, she decided to hang up her clogging shoes and retire to the country.

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